Hunting Dog Capital's Q3:2017 White Paper


Hunting Dog Capital helps small business owners preserve equity and control while enabling growth.

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Volume of transactions reviewed since 2015, in billions:






Hunting Dog Capital was founded with a simple mission: To improve access to flexible financing for lower middle-market U.S. companies seeking growth.

We target direct-lending opportunities with U.S. businesses that generate between $25 million and $150 million of annual revenue. This market segment is vast and largely underserved by institutional capital providers.


Hunting Dog Capital is a San Francisco-based investment manager that specializes in providing flexible financing, primarily in the form of senior-secured term loans, to lower middle-market U.S. companies. Our loans are used by business owners to facilitate acquisitions, refinance existing debt or for general corporate purposes to enable growth. We have consistently delivered favorable risk-adjusted returns for our investors, provided customized financings for strong business owners and operators to enable growth and developed a robust referral network that provides a national reach.

Volume of transactions reviewed in 2018, in billions:

4.1 → transactions

Number of businesses reviewed in 2018:

245 → transactions

New members added to our referral network in 2018:

450 → referral network


We are often asked why the name Hunting Dog Capital? We believe that great hunting dog characteristics reflect how we conduct business:

  • A disciplined approach to ensure consistent results
  • The ability to adapt to changing conditions or circumstances
  • Perseverance to overcome challenges and roadblocks
  • Willingness to always work with our clients when problems arise

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